Frequently Asked Questions


We know that selling portable cabins and containers can be a challenge, especially if this is your first time. To help make the process easier, we recommend you read through our Frequently Asked Questions below. Got any other questions that are not covered below? Then contact us!

What is a portable building/ cabin?

It is a rectangular self-contained portable structure which can be transported from one location to another. Sizes range from a smaller 9ft x 9ft to a larger 48ft x 12ft.

What kind of portable cabins and containers do you buy?

We are happy to look at any and all container options that you might have for sale. Simply contact us with accurate details and we will make a fair offer.

What kind of sizes do you buy in terms of containers?

We are open to buying all cabin and container sizes – contact us with the sizing.

What kind of sizes do you buy in terms of containers?

We are open to buying all cabin and container sizes.

Do you buy portable containers with fittings, such as showers?

Yes, we are happy to buy any container. We will adjust the price depending on how much is required to be refurbished within the cabin.

What is a jack legged cabin?

Jack legged cabins have four steel legs which can adjust the height.

Can you buy more than one cabin at once?

Yes, are more than happy to buy multiple cabins at the one time. If you have multiple cabins – even hundreds of cabins – then we are still happy to consider your units.

What is a modular building?

A modular building is transported & delivered in sections / modules and is put together onsite to create a single building. This often provides more space than a single or stacked cabins.

How do the prices compare between portable/jackleg cabins and modular buildings?

Modular buildings tend to be rather more expensive and require more difficult site work, foundations, cranage, etc. In the second-hand market, their specification tends to be much higher.

What details do you need to buy my cabins and containers?

Typically, we are looking for some information regarding size, current condition, any fittings installed, and any details and photos of the condition of the portable cabins and containers, as well as the collection postcode.

How old are the portable cabins you are selling?

Most used portable cabins do not have a label showing the year of. Refurbished condition is the standard.

Can you refurbish a 2nd hand cabin to my requirements & specifications?

Yes within the boundaries of a specific cabin.

What is a refurbished cabin?

Refurbished buildings are renovated in our workshop. Our refurbishment programme can include a complete overhaul of the cabin’s electrics, as well as the flooring, ceiling and wall linings. We are also able to refurbish the building to suit your precise requirements. So, we can paint it in your corporate colours, add windows or doors as you require, and include a range of optional extras, including kitchens, toilets, showers, heating, electrics, lighting, sinks and partitions.

Do you arrange removal & collection of my cabins and/or containers for sale?

Yes, we provide a pick-up service that means you do not have to travel anywhere to have your cabin picked up and taken away. This is very important to us, as we want you to have to put in as little effort as is possible to complete the sale.

Do you Hire Portable Cabins, Portable Buildings, and Containers?

NO, we only sell & purchase units.

Do you buy new and used Portable Cabins, Portable Building, and Containers?

If you own a portable cabin or container that you no longer use, please contact us to inquire if we can purchase it.